Just Some Advice for Yann Martel

So, once upon a time I said I was going to talk about Life of Pi and I didn’t… except I will now because I just read the ending and got blown away by it’s magical, genius-ness and now I can’t stop thinking about it and and and and and and and *sigh*.  It was too good.

When I first started reading Life of Pi, I started doubting my life decisions and the sanity of English teachers– “why the heck did they say this book was good and why the heck am I reading this boring, oh-my-gosh-religion book.”  Throughout the first part of the book, I was basically hating myself and the book and Yann Martel and my English teacher and the world and Pi and his stupid, boring life.  I still wonder why I didn’t just stop reading the book and sparknotes it, and start reading during the second part… life is a mystery.  And, of course, it was packed with symbolism and all that good stuff but it was still boring.

Then you get to the ocean part and things get a little weird and funky and, thank goodness, interesting.  There a whole bunch of animals and etc. and a bunch of depressing, weird crap happens and then that’s it.  Of course, there’s also a bunch of symbolism and stuff, but at this point you don’t really notice as much because the reading is actually kinda interesting.

Then you read the third part, or the end, and you just drop your book and scream… and run around in circles… and start hyperventilating… and make others wonder whether of not you belong in a mental hospital (which you don’t, you just belong in Oprah’s book club hahahaha no).  And then you will probably want to tell the whole world about what happened but that’s illegal because you’re not supposed to spoil the ending for others… but you can be illegal like me and tell everyone within a 5 mile radius.  IT’S GENIUS.  OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH.  AHHHH.  ASDFJKLASFHOIEAJDFKLFJHGVAID;SJCL.


Okay, so I’ve calmed down a little… and I’ve thought about the book as a whole… and I’ve come up with the conclusion that Life of Pi is not really that great of a book and the only reason why English teachers like it so much is because of all of the symbolism and the only reason why people like it so much is because of the shocking ending… and I think I just said that English teachers aren’t people… oops.  Perhaps if the whole beginning part of the book was gone then the book would be better.  Maybe like if he added some, NOT all, of the beginning parts in the book as like flashbacks or something the book would have been a little bit more exciting to read. Honestly, if I hadn’t been forced to read this I would I have probably stopped reading it because the beginning is just the biggest drag ever.  Well, not the biggest– nothing will be more boring than the Old Man and the Sea.  Just some advice for Yann Martel.


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