I really hate endings that are ughohmygoshwhattheheckreallyhappened-ish and unfortunately I had to read one and now I just can’t seem to contain my curiousness.  I have spent the past week rolling around on the ground contemplating on whether or not I should write a letter to the author demanding on an answer to what the heck actually happened.  Then I start to wonder if the author is still alive and then I realize that the author probably gets asked this question more than a billion times and probably gave a generic answer that basically means “I’m not going to tell you because I didn’t think that far and I love to make people roll around the floor, burning with curiosity”.

Anyways, The Handmaids Tale just absolutely sucks because of the ending.  I hate the ending.  The ending should just let got of the cliff and land somewhere FIRMLY and OBVIOUSLY because honestly, cliff hanger endings just suck.  Ughhhhhhhh STRESS.

What I really hate most about this “ending” is that it could go either way.  She could die or she could not die and live in freedom kind of.  However I think that Nick was a big fat poopy liar and she is going to her death because I’m a pessimistic person but I don’t know.  I mean, what if her whole life was a lie?  You know, kind of like in the Matrix.  Maybe the May-day thing is just fake, something planted by the Eyes or whatever, you know, false hope?  But maybe not.  Ugh, I don’t knowwwwwwwww *sob* the story of my book ruined life.


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